ProwlCOD is a Competitive Organisation that plays around the World in some Crazy LAN Tournaments! we also Play Online! We have 2 Branches that lead off the Prowl Organisation, the people that play in competitive LAN Tournaments  would go to a team in ProwlCOD, if you play in competitive Online Tournaments you will go to a team in ProwlOnline.

Prowl Online will have up to 2 Divisions (if have allot of teams on Online) theres around 2-3 Teams of 4 players in each team. If you are wanting to be apart of the Prowl Online Branch go talk to us on twitter our @ name is @ProwlOnline!

ProwlCOD will have a MAXIMUM of 3 Teams that will travel to LANS! the placings at these LANS will determine if you will get funding or not for these LAN tournaments! if you are interested in joining the ProwlCOD Branch go talk to us on twitter at @ProwlCOD!


Recent LAN Placings

1. Placed top 60 at MLG Anahiem 2014

2. Placed top 50 at UMG Orlando 2015


Recent Online Placings

1. Placed top 100 at UMG 5k